Artificial Clay Courts – Court Maintenance After Play

Every time you finish playing, the ‘clay’ must be levelled out over the court (ideal coverage is 2 mm, or the thickness of a 2p coin) so that it completely covers the carpet underneath.

Sweep each half of the court, including the back (between baseline and fence), using the clay drag-mat in the following pattern:Sweeping court pattern







Use his brush to sweep
Clay dragmat

Use this brush to sweep the lines clear. You only need to do this at the start of a match (if you want it) and not every time.
Line Brush

The drag net with a rope ‘handle’ is only used for clearing away leaves and debris, NOT for regular court sweeping.
Drag net

Use these to get small debris into the bin.
Dust pan & brush

If we all do this basic maintenance and we have a contractor who does a “deep clean” at least twice a year, then there is no reason why this surface will not last for 15 or 20-years!
The price of playing on this wonderful surface means a 3-minute sweep after every match – a price worth paying!